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Let’s Pick fault!



Let’s Pick fault!

1.          Eligibility: All students and employees in National Taipei University.

2.          Dates: From 2014, Nov. 29th (Saturday) to 2014, Dec. 19th (Friday)

3.          Awards:

ü   First Prize Instant camera              

ü   Second Prize — Selfie tool

ü   Third Prize —8G USB

ü   Consolation Prizes (*10) —Give certification of Family Mart $100

4.          The rules for “Let’s Pick fault!”:

A.        This activity starts from Nov. 29th to Dec. 19th. If you find any fault in the software on National Taipei University website (e.g., any wrong or ambiguous information, spelling mistakes, or ambiguous application procedure), please fill out the form ( ). After we confirm your form, your will receive a raffle ticket number from us by email.

B.         If you can find any hardware fault in the public space of National Taipei University (e.g., the road sign in NTPU campus without English version, wrong spelling in the public space in NTPU, ambiguous instruction on equipment in NTPU), please fill out the form ( ) and send the photo to (Subject: Pick Fault_ Name_Department). After we confirm your form, your will receive a raffle ticket number from us by email.

C.         Please pay attention that each form can only get ONE raffle ticket.

D.        Each participant can have more than one raffle tickets, but only has ONE opportunity to get the prize.

E.         Please confirm that the content on your form is REAL! If there is any fabrication in your form, you will be disqualified.

F.          Your attachment must comply with the Code of Conduct, and in particular must not:

Ø   Contain offensive, inappropriate or illegal content, including profanity, pornographic or sexual content.

Ø   Defame, misrepresent or contain disparaging remarks about other people.

If you have the above contents in your attachment, we will have the right to cancel your qualification in this activity and reserve the right to take legal action.

G.        In the case of other unforeseeable events, we have the right to reschedule this activity and to change our award. If the content of this activity is subject to change, please check our website for latest information and updates.

5.          Winners of “Let’s Pick Fault”

We will announce the lucky one who wins the price of this activity on our website, after Dec. 19th. If you are the lucky one to win our price, please bring your student ID card and come OIA to get your prize.

6.          Contact us:

Office of International Affairs

Project Manager (Teaching Excellent Project)

Ms. Ashley Chen


TEL: (02)8674-1111 #68002



2014大家來找碴 Let’s Pick fault!


Ashley Chen

年級系級 (Department)


學號(Student number)


連絡電話 (phone)




(This fault is about the software or hardware)

□ 國立臺北大學官方網頁資訊問題(軟體)

  (about the software on National Taipei University website)

□ 國立臺北大學空間設備問題(硬體)

  (about the hardware in the public space of National Taipei University )

問題 (Fault)

We do not have 7-Eleven in our campus now.

建議 (Suggestion)

Please update the information in this website.




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