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Notice – 2014 Fall Semester Course Selection Period


1.2014 Fall Semester Class Schedule open to browse on 2014/7/22 (Tue.)

2.“Practice Run” of on-line course selection open on 2014/7/23 (Wed.)





First stage of course selection

8:30am 2014/8/1 ~17:00pm 2014/8/7

all students, freshmen not included

Announcement of the results



Second stage of course selection

8:30am 2014/8/28 ~17:00pm 2014/9/3

all students, freshmen included

Announcement of the results



Add/drop courses

8:30am 2014/9/16~17:00pm 2014/9/22

graduate students, seniors, juniors

8:30am 2014/9/17~17:00pm 2014/9/22

sophomores, freshmen

Downward course selection

8:30am 2014/9/18~17:00pm 2014/9/22

graduate students select bachelor degree  courses

Dropping courses

8:30am 2014/9/23~8:30am 2014/9/24

all students

Online Confirmation

Please make a copy of your own course selection and confirm the selection result online during 9/24~29 and confirm your course selection online by pressing the “confirm” button.

12:00am 2014/9/24~17:00pm 2014/9/29

all students

Calculation of Number of student selection not reaching the threshold

12:00am 2014/9/24~17:00pm 2014/9/30



For more information, please contact Course Affairs Section8674-1111 ext. 6611066111661146611566117

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