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Notice – 2014 Fall Semester Course Adding/Dropping Period

Notice – 2014 Fall Semester Course Adding/Dropping Period





First stage of course selection

8:30 am 2014/8/1 ~17:00pm 2013/8/7

all students, freshmen not included

Announcement of the results



Second stage of course selection

8:30 am 2014/8/28 ~17:00pm 2013/9/3

all students

Announcement of the results



Add/drop courses

8:30 am 2014/9/16

~17:00pm 9/22

graduate students, seniors, juniors

8:30 am 2014/9/17

~17:00pm 9/22

sophomores, freshmen

Downward course selection

8:30 am 2014/9/18

~17:00pm 9/22

graduate students select bachelor degree  courses

Dropping courses

8:30 am 2014/9/23

~8:30 am 9/24

all students

Online Confirmation

Please make a copy of your own course selection and confirm the selection result online during 9/24~29 and confirm your course selection online by pressing the “confirm” button.

12:00 am 2014/9/24

~17:00 pm 9/29

all students

Calculation of Number of student selection not reaching the threshold

12:00 am 2014/9/24

~17:00 pm 9/30



The Add/Drop course distribution procedure is performed daily (from 16:00 pm to 19 :00pm) and will not repeat the same query in the next day. If the students didn't get the course and still want to take it, please add the course again in the next day. It is recommended that students log into the student information system to check distribution results every day (after 19:00pm during 9/16/~9/22) , and keep adding or dropping courses if needed.


For more information, please contact Course Affairs Section8674-1111 ext. 66110

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