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Reminder for students graduate in Jan. 2014


Firstly, we would like to congratulate you to successfully accomplish your study and get a degree. Before you leave the campus, there are still some procedures for you that need to be completed, below are the things you need to do.


1. You have taken all the courses needed and get their grades.

2. You have been “checked” by administrative units such as your department’s office, Library, Reference & Extension Services Section, Property Management Section, Cashier Section, Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students Affairs Section, Students Counseling Center, Office of International Affairs, and The Center of Comparative Law Documentation. You may ask your department’s office to check the list for you. Please go to the related unit to accomplish its requirement if not checked.

3. After accomplish all the matters above, please bring your student ID card to obtain your graduation certificate at the Office of Registration (3F, Administration Building)




1.      If you have lost your student ID card, you will have to sign a lost property declaration before you obtain your certificate.

2.      The graduation certificate can only be obtained personally. If you need others to receive it for you, you will need that person to have your paper of commission, copy of paper to identify your graduate identity, and your student id card.

3.      If you need copies of graduation certificate, you may print them out and take to the Registration Section and then Documents and Records Section for the official stamps.

4.      Winter vacation office hour: Monday~Friday 9:00am~16:00pm

5.      The Spring semester starts from 2/17, so the recent graduates should complete their graduation procedure before 2/14.

6.      If you need to obtain your graduation certificate earlier, please complete the graduation procedure earlier so it won’t affect your own rights and interests.


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