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2014 Spring semester courses open to query
1. The course system is now available for students to look up the  course information begins on 12/2(Mon.). 
2. The Course Query System locates in the pull down menu of the Academics -> Courses of the school homepage.
3. Reminders about the course selection schedule:(1) for graduate and doctoral students: 2013/12/19(Thr.)~2014/01/02(Thr.)
(2) for undergraduate students:2013/12/19(Thr.)~12/26(Thr.) 
(3) drop/add courses for graduate, doctoral and undergraduate students: 2014/02/18(Tue.)~27(Thr.)
(4) online course affirmation and drop/add courses for special(significant) reasons: 2014/03/03(Mon.)~03/11(Tue.)
(5) for online course affirmation, please go to the online course selection system to check your course list and press the “confirm” button below.
4. There are some changes for the course selection system starts from the spring semester of year 2014. For more details about the changes of the system, please check 2014 Spring Semester Course Selection Notice.
5. Students can start to arrange spring semester courses on the course arrangement system after 2013/12/03, please be aware that the course arrangement system is only informal, it does not represent the official course selection results.
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