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2014 Spring Semester Course Selection Notice

1.  Regular course selection: 2013/12/19(Thr.)~12/26(Thr.)

2.  On-line Course Add/Drop: 2014/2/18(Tue.)~2014/2/27(Thr.)

3.  Online Course Confirmation and Add/Drop on Significant Grounds: 2014/3/3(Mon.)~3/11(Tue.)

4.  Effective spring semester of the 2014, course selection reforms are as follows:
(1) Course selection webpage integration.
(2) At the first stage of selections, better assurance for students with the major. All the  students outside the department are unconfirmed.  
(3) Clear class confirmation information: confirmed, unconfirmed, and didn’t meet requirements, distributed beforehand.
(4) For unconfirmed courses, the system would automatically remove the course from the list, students would not need to drop the course.
(5) The add/drop stage will implement system automatic distribution. After the first round of course selections, when the student limit have not been reached, the remaining seats will be distributed by the same order as the first round.

5.  Effective spring of 2014, altercations have been made to the Course Selection System, please read the notes as to secure your own rights.


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