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Celebration of the 64th Anniversary of the National Taipei University and The Grand Opening of the Library

In 2013, National Taipei University celebrates the 64th anniversary of the founding of Taiwan Provincial College of Law and Business in 1949. The anniversary has been packed with celebratory events and projects including our 13th recognition of dedicated alumni ceremony, annual sports meet, campus open house and reunion, four concerts, three special exhibitions, two carnivals, and the grand opening of the Library Building and the Gallery of School History from 18, October to 2, November (NTPU’s Commencement/Reunion Weekend). We sincerely invite staff, alumni, students, the local community and prospective students to celebrate with us .

School Anniversary Sports Week (Click to see details)

School Anniversary Music Week (Click to see details)

Exhibitions and Displays (Click to see details)

Open House Reception day (Click to see details)

Homecoming Events (Click to see details)

Grand Opening of the Library (Click to see details)  

NTPU 64th Anniversary Itinerary (Click to see details)


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