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NTPU Course Selection Notice for Undergraduates for September 2013 Semester


You can also download the Undergraduate Course Selection Notice From Here






The first stage of initial course selection


All NTPU Students

 2013/8/22(Thru) 8:30~2013/8/29 (Thru)17:00


1.      Maximum to 28 course credits (Teacher Education curriculum not included)

2.      You cannot select both courses if they are conflicted. If the class is full, each department will select random names based on  grades and class prerequisites.

3.      Course enrollment based on each departments’ criteria. Please be aware of all different courses’ requirements before course enrollment, otherwise your selection might be blocked by the system.

4.      To re-submit courses selection, please process it during course adding/dropping period.

5.      The Teacher Education curricular enrollment is handled on the specific course selection system.

6.      Freshman, sophomore and junior students course credits cannot be less than 16. For Senior students(including postpone-graduate students), the course credits cannot be less than 9.

7.      Required courses of each department must be selected during the stated year.


The second stage of initial course selection  (including general courses, constitutional law, P.E. and common optional courses, etc.)


All NTPU Students

Course Selection result will be announced on 2013/9/9(Mon)

1.      The senior students can only select 4 general courses per semester, junior students 3 courses, and sophomore and freshman can only select 2 courses. Cannot select two conflicted courses.

2.      The general courses will automatically add into your course selection list.

3.      For those enrolled before 2009, the credits of general courses offered by their own departments are not valid for graduation required credits of general education courses.

4.      The general courses should be selected from different dimensions since 2010, Details may be viewed on related websites.



Adding/Dropping Period

Senior Students
(including postpone-graduate students)

2013/9/17 ~ 9/27 8:30~ 17:00
(9/17 is for Senior Students only)

1.      Students do not enroll, please informed the registration office for registration leave, otherwise register later than mandated will lead to  disciplinary action.

2.The result of course adding/dropping is determined by online selections, please do not ask professor to offer more numbers. Cannot select two conflicted courses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

3.Before adding/dropping courses, please contact your class teacher first for more courses details.

4.Must attend the selected courses from the first day of class. Adding/dropping courses is not a reason for absence.

5.If second semester’s required courses are conflicted with P.E course, please drop the courses online. If need to add other P.E.classes, please come to the P.E office.

Junior Students

From 2013/9/18 ~ 9/27 8:30~ 17:00

(9/17~9/18 is for junior and senior students only)

SophomoreFreshmen Students

2013/9/19~ 9/27 8:30~ 17:00


All NTPU Students

From 2013/9/20~9/27 8:30~ 17:00

Verifying selected courses via online course system

All NTPU Students

2013/10/3~10/10 8:30~  17:00

1.      Please make a copy of your own course selection and confirm the selection result online on 10/3~10/10.

2.If there are un-admitted courses, students will not be able to confirm their selections.

All NTPU Students

2013/10/3~10/11 8:30~  17:00

1.      If the course selection is affected by major reasons that are not attributable to fault of the students, please ask the class teacher and department director to sign Application Form for Adding/dropping Courses due to Major Reasons and send to the Course Affairs Section to rectify.

2.  If select other departments’ courses, please confirm the results with that departments’ office.

3. General courses opened from other schools can not be add/drop during this period.

Insufficient enrollment

All NTPU Students

2013/10/3~10/11 8:30~  17:00

1.     If the course is announced cancelation because of insufficient students, please come to the Course Affairs Section to add/drop course.

2.     The courses selected cannot be altered after 10/26, unless causes not attributable to fault of the students.

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