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NTPU Course Selection Notice for Graduates for February 2013 Semester






Course enrollment

All NTPU Students

2012/12/19(Wed)~2013/1/2(Wed)  8:30~ 17:00

1.  Cannot select two conflicted courses.

2.  Students do not enroll, please informed the registration office for registration leave, otherwise register later than mandated will lead to  disciplinary action.

3.If all required credits have acquired, still need to select “thesis” online.



All NTPU Students

2013/2/19(Tue) ~ 3/1(Fri) 8:30~ 17:00

1.Course enrollment based on each departments’ criteria. Please be aware of all different courses’ requirements before course enrollment and check the selection results online.

Cannot select two conflicted courses.

2.To select other departments’ courses will need the approval from that department.

Graduates selecting undergraduate courses

2013/2/22(Fri) ~ 3/1(Fri)  8:30~ 17:00

Graduates selecting optional courses

2013/3/1 (Fri) 8:30~17:00

1.  After confirming selecting courses online, please print out the course selection and signed by the director of the department before March 1.

2.              Come to the Courses Affairs Section for confirmation and seal, and pay for the registration fee at the cashiers section.

Verifying selected courses via online course system

All NTPU Students

2013/3/8(Fri)~3/15(Fri) 8:30 ~ 17:00

1.  Please make a copy of your own course selection and confirm the selection result online on 3/8~3/15.

2.If there are un-admitted courses, students will not be able to confirm their selections.

All NTPU Students

2013/3/11(Mon) ~ 3/19 (Tue) 8:30~  17:00

1. If the course selection is affected by major reasons that are not attributable to fault of the students, please ask the class teacher and department director to sign [Application Form for Adding/dropping Courses due to Major Reasons] and send to the Course Affairs Section to rectify.

Insufficient enrollment

All NTPU Students

2013/3/11(Mon) ~ 3/22(Fri) 8:30~  17:00

1.   If the course is announced cancelation because of insufficient students, please come to the Course Affairs Section to add/drop course.

2.   The courses selected cannot be altered after March 30, unless causes not attributable to fault of the students.

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