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NTPU International Volunteers Group Seeking Volunteers


1.      Objective: To broaden the horizons of NTPU students and to improve their activity planning and problem solving abilities, and to achieve education through learning. We’ve concentrated on local services, this year, we’re planning to move up on the international scale to benefit more under-privileged people and improve international connection.

2.      Target: All NTPU students interested in international volunteer work(those with experience and basic English communications abilities are more than welcome)

3.      How to sign up? Please fill up the sign up form and print it out, then place it in the International Volunteer Group’s office’s mailbox on the third floor of the Public Affairs Building.

Secretary: REBE 4A 


Number: 0913373699

4.      Deadline: 10/5/2012

5.      International Volunteer Group Plans for 2013

(1)   Group time: 1/18/2013~1/24/2013(temporary)

(2)   Mission: care of the children and community in Cambodia

(3)   Group Member Selection: Group members are a priority. Those with club experiences, have finished 36 hours of local volunteer work, completed the courses set up by this group, and finished the interview can be a member.

(4)   This year, we are recruiting 18 people.

6.      Notices

(1)   There is no pay for volunteer work. Expenses for the group will be covered by sponsors.

(2)   One should complete both basic and special training (10/6and10/7)before leaving, and help with volunteer services in local communities. Those who already completed 36 hours of volunteer work should attach their certificate along with the sign up sheet.

(3)   For the safety and health of the students, participants have to complete a physical examination and receive tetanus shots.

(4)   Participants should follow school rules at all times.

(5)   Certificates of the volunteer work can be given out afterwards.

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