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National Taipei University Language Center - Regulations on 2013 English Got Talent Show

National Taipei University   Language Center


Regulations on 2013 English Got Talent Show


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I. Main idea


To enhance students’ interests in learning English, encourage students to practice speaking English comprehensively, and to cultivate students’ all-round English ability by creativity.

II. Organizer


The Language Center of National Taipei University

III. Date


Nov 20th, 2013, Wednesday, 6 p.m.

IV. Location


National Taipei University, Sanxia Campus, College of Social Sciences B05

V. Qualification


(1) All the students in NTPU are welcome to participate (including international students and exchange students)

(2) Maximum of each group: 4 students at most

(3) Limitation: 20 groups. First served basis.

VI. Enrollment Method


 (1) Hand in the application form: please go to the language center website ( and download the application form (appendix 1)


n   The deadline of application form: Nov 8th, 2013, Friday.

n   Please email the complete enrollment information to before 12 p.m.

n   Main idea of e-mail: Participation of 2013 English Got Talent Show.

n   If you do not receive the response mail in three days, please call the center by phone.

n   Contact phone number: 02-86741111ext66481

n   Contact person: Mr. Ren Chun Huang

VII. Rules of the Competition


(1)   Registration time

1)      Nov 20th, 2013, Wednesday, 1 p.m.

2) Competitors should register in the College of Social Sciences B05 and get ready to rehearse. Please send at least a representative to have the rehearsal.

   (2) There is no specific theme for talent show and the time limitation is 3-5 minutes. English should be included throughout the performance. Performance can be presented by singing, speaking, or other ways. The content cannot be recorded beforehand, or perform nonverbally. The English speaking part should not be less than half of the entire performance. Every member should use English only. Thereby, participants are not allowed to use other languages.

 (3) Evaluation

1. Talent 25%

2. Creativity 25%

3. Entertainment 25%

4. Fluency 25%






Hint by Ringing

One short ring

Two short rings

One long ring (end)

Two long rings (forced to end)


Less than 3mins



More than 5’30’’


10marks deducted

 No mark deducted

5marks deducted

10marks deducted



VIII. Schedule

n   Enrollment time: Oct 7th, 2013~ Nov 8th, 12p.m.

n   The announcement of competition order: Nov 13th, 2013

n   Rehearsal time: Nov 19th, 2013, 1:30 p.m.-5p.m. (send at least one representative)

n   Registration time: Nov 20th, 2013, 5p.m.

n   Entrance Time: Nov 20th, 2013, 5:30 p.m.

n   Finals time: Nov 20th, 2013, 6 p.m.


IX. Places and Facilities

This activity is scheduled to be held in the college of Social Sciences B05.

Microphones, computers, and projectors will be prepared. Please prepare your own music, films, CDs, and put the files you need in the computer at rehearsal time in the college of Social Sciences B05. Please find someone to control the music during your performance. You can prepare your own instruments and props if necessary. If you have any special needs, please contact language center.

Contact person: Mr. Lin.

Contact phone number: 02-86741111ext66480



X. Rewards

The first place: 2500NTD and a certificate

The second place: 2000NTD and a certificate

The third place: 1500NTD and a certificate

The best talent: 1000NTD and a certificate

The best creativity: 1000NTD and a certificate

The best entertainment: 1000NTD and a certificate

The best language fluency: 1000NTD and a certificate


XI. English Consultation Service

Language center provides free English consultation service for all participants. Participants can reserve online. Three teachers who are in charge of project of teaching excellence will provide consultation for participants. Don’t be afraid to make good use of this service to make your performance better.

More reservation details:


XII. Notes

 (1) In the event of ties, the result will be decided by discussion among the judges.

    (2) Contact person: Mr. Ren Chun Huang       

Phone: 02-56741111ext66481; Email:


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