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Homecoming Events Date:11/02(Sat)



Event Name


Department of Law


Introduction and tour guide

Law building

Department of Business Administration

10:00 Alum Panel

12:00 Luncheon

R101, Education building, Taipei Campus

Sanshia Campus Restaurant

Department of Finance and Cooperative Management

12:00 Luncheon

13:00~15:00 Alum Panel

R801, Business

Department of Accounting

12:00 Luncheon

12:00~14:00 Board Games

R601,R602,Business building

Department of Statistics

13:30~15:30 Alum of 6 to 10 years graduates gathering

R722, Business building

Department of Leisure and Sports Management

12:00~14:00 Alum Panel

R102, Business building

Department of Public Finance

12:00~13:30 20th anniversary of grad school luncheon

13:30~15:00 basketball and volleyball match

R823,Public Affairs

Courts by the Humanities Building

Department of Real Estate and Built Environment

13:00~15:00 Softball match

softball field

Department of Graduate Program of Urban Planning

13:30~15:30 Alum Panel, classes gathering


Public affairs building

Department of Economics

09:30~10:00 Introduction of the department

10:00~12:00 Campus Tour

12:00 Luncheon

13:00~Tour of Sanshia scenic spots

B05, Social science building


Department of Sociology


Introduction and tour guide

6F ,Social Science building

Department of Chinese Literature

11:00~14:00 Decade Anniversary Celebration

R211, Humanities building

Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics

12:00~15:00 Luncheon, Alum Panel

R609, Humanities building

Department of History

13:00~15:00 Alum Panel

R110, Humanities building

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

12:00~14:30 Alum Panel

R105, Social Science building

Department of Communication Engineering

11:30~14:00 Alum Panel

R106, Social Science building