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School Anniversary Music Week

Anniversary celebrations also include various concert and musical performances. First up is the “Indie Music Fest”, held in the International Conference Hall of Business Building and the double outdoor stages, and performed by groups including the band Random, Elephant Gym, Cosmospeople, Miss Stocking, PUMPKINey Fan Club, the band 929, and In Her Sea. The word “indie” comes from Independent Music, as a tribute to the hardworking independent musicians from all genres and music types. It is an honor to have them perform here in NTPU, courtesy of the Student Union.

Also, the annual concert from 10 music clubs of NTPU, “Long Time No Sea”, will be held in the International Conference Hall of Business Building. Last is the “Genetically Modified” concert held at the grass plains behind the Administration Building, with artists including A-Fu, Andrew Tan, Maggie Chiang, Bii, and others. A wonderful night awaits, and all are welcomed.

The grand finale is a concert sponsored solely by the CEO of Elytone Electronic Co. Held 2:30pm on the second of November, and at the central grass plain of NTPU. The performing groups include the renowned band 306 from the US, choir of alumni, orchestra, and many others. From the artists alone, we can already expect an exciting afternoon. This event welcomes all music lovers to come enjoy the festivities.

Date and Time



10/22(Tue.) 18:30-21:30

Indie! Music Fest

Held by the Student Union

International Conference Hall of Business Building and the double outdoor stages

10/31(Thu.) 18:30~21:00

『Long Time No Sea』Concerts

Held by School Music Clubs

International Conference Hall of Business Building

11/01(Fri.) 18:30~21:00

Genetically Modified Concert

Held by Student Union

Pick up or purchase tickets at noon at the hall of the Business Building from 10/28~11/1

Grass plains behind the Administration Building

11/02(Sat.) 15:30~18:00

Concert sponsored by Elytone Electronic Co.

Central grass plain of NTPU