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School Anniversary Sports Week

The NTPU sports meet will be held at the track field on October 26th, with students and staff (including alumni) competing in different groups. All students, staff, faculty members, and alumni are welcome to sign up for the events. Events for the student group include the high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, javelin throw, different distance runs and sprint, relay race, cheerleading, tug-of-war, basketball three-pointers, volleyball serves, five-men-six-legs, jump rope relay, and other carnival games. Staff group events include shot put, long jump, sprint, campus road run, campus bike ride, and carnival games.


Date and Time

Event Name


10/21(Mon.) 18:00-21:00

Volleyball Serve

Volleyball Courts beside the College of Humanities Building

10/22(Tue.) 18:00-21:00


Basketball Courts by the track

10/23(Wed.) 12:00-13:00

Campus Bike Ride

Campus Front Gate


Campus Road Run

Campus Front Gate


Sports Meets

09:00 Opening
09:40 Start of events
14:30 Cheerleading Competition

16:10 Closing Ceremony

Track Field


School Sports Meet Carnival

Front Gate of Track Field