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Research Award


Award From National Science Council

The National Science Council (NSC) has established various funding programs (e.g., specific-topic research projects, industry-academic collaborative research, applied technology collaborative research projects, and interdisciplinary integrated research projects), to provide more research opportunities and grants for domestic scholars and experts. The NSC has also established prestigious awards such as the Presidential Science Prize, Outstanding Achievement Award in Science and Technology, and the Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, for the purpose of recognizing Taiwanese scholars and experts who demonstrate excellence in their academic research fields and have made remarkable contributions to society.








Outstanding Achievement Award in Science and Technology

Dr. Shu-Li Huang (1991-1992, 2011-2013) , Graduate Institute of Urban Planning

Specialities: Ecological Land Use Planning / Ecological energetic Analysis of Urbanization / Urban Simulation / Urban Sustainability Assessment.




Dr. Ming-Chang Tsai (2000-2001, 2011-2013), Department of Sociology                

Specialities: Social Development / Globalization International Societies for Quality of Life Studies, Vice-President (2013-2014).He is also the winner of Exceptional Talents Award (2012~2012), Ministry of Education.                        









Ta-You Wu Memorial Award

Dr. Chia-Hui Lu (2013) ,  Department of Economics

Topic: Optimal government policies in the frictional labor market.

Specialities: Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics and Economic Growth.He is also winner of the Outstanding Performance Award for young scholar in specific-topic research project (2013).







Outstanding Performance Award in applied technology collaborative research projects

Dr. Daw-Tung Lin (2012), Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Specialities: image processing, pattern recognition, and intelligent surveillance.He is also the winner of Exceptional talents Award (2000-2002) and achieved the Best Paper Award of 2013 IADIS International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing.










Dr. Heng-hao Chang (2013), Department of Sociology

Topic: In the Name of Love: Discourse of Charity and Social Exclusion of Disabled People.

Specialities: Disability Studies, Social Movement. Sociology of Health.







Research Project for Excellent Junior Research Investigators

Dr. Yueh-Hung Hou (2013), Department of Law

Topic: A Study on the Law and System Governing Employment Equality in Taiwan and Japan.

Specialities: Civil Law, Labor Law.




Dr. Wan-chi Chen (2013) Department of Sociology

Topic: From Gender Hierarchy to Egalitarianism: Marriage, Labor Participation and Well-being of Taiwanese Women.

Specialities: Sociology of Education, Marriage and Family, Gender and Work, Adolescent Wellbeing, Subjective Wellbeing, Contemporary Taiwanese Society.




Dr. Wen-I Lin  (20122013), Graduate Institute of Urban Planning

      Topic1: Culture and design-led regeneration, and governance of creative city: a comparative research between Taipei and Shanghai. 2013.

      Topic2:New Strategy for Urban Regeneration? A critical study of the import, translation and practice of the ‘creative city’ discourse in Taipei. 2012.

Specialities: Urban governance, Urban Regeneration, Communities and Sustainability, Planning theory, Culture, Creativity and City, The Qualitative Research of Urban Space.He is also the winner of the ‘Bennett Prize’ of ‘Environment and Planning C’ for the best paper published in 2012 (Co-author: Prof. Mike Raco, University College London).








  Class A Research Award

Dr. Shun-Der Chang (1998), Department of Business Management Administration

TopicLift Cage-Style Automatic Classification System (R.O.C. Patents).

Specialities:Creativity and Idea Develpoment, Supply Cain Management.


















Exceptional Talents Award


Dr. Wann-Ming Wey (2011-2012), Department of Real Estate & Built Environment

Specialities: Urban Built Environment Design,Planning Theory and Application , Multiobjective Planning,  Metropolitan Transportation Plan .He is also the winner of

  •        Fred Burggraf Award, Transportation Research Board (TRB) Council,                                                                           January 1997, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
  •        Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century Awards (IBC) 2005.
  •        Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2007-200810th Edition).
  •        Marquis Who's Who in the World, 2008-201330th Edition).




Dr. Chin-Shyan Chen (2010, 2011, 2012), Department of Economics

Specialities: Health Economics, Health Care Policy and Management. National Health,Insurance Finance and System, Public Finance, Managerial Economics.




Dr. Mei Hsu (2010-2011), Department of Economics

Specialities: Labor Economics, Econometrics, Health Economics, Industrial Economics, The Economics Organization of Household.




Dr. Mei Hsu (2010-2011), Department of Economics

Specialties: Labor Economics, Econometrics, Health Economics, Industrial Economics, The Economics Organization of Household.







Excellent Research Project Award, Networked Communications Program, Taiwan

Dr. Yuh-Shyan Chen (2011), Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Specialties: Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing,The Next-Generation Mobile Network and System.He is also the winner of Exceptional Talents Award (2012~2012), Ministry of Education.









Humanities and social sciences doctoral candidate writing Dissertation Award

Li-Fang Chang(2013), Graduate Institute of Urban Planning

Academic discipline: Urban and Regional.

Title: Urban Vulnerability Assessment of Taiwan’s Western Coastal Plain.



I-Chih Lan(2011), Department of Real Estate & Built Environment

Academic discipline: Human Geography.

Title: Governing Neoliberal Hong Kong: Space, Scale, and Strategy.



Chia-Tsung Yeh(2007), Graduate Institute of Urban Planning

Academic discipline: Environment and Resource Management.

Title: Integrating Assessment of Ecosystem Diversity into Strategic Spatial Planning.