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Ecological Landscape

Though Sanshia campus is very new but still it is 3rd most beautiful campus in the Taiwan. This campus has a beautiful spacious environment and is lauded for campus greenery which allows students to enjoy serenity and peaceful moment while indulging in their studies.This campus has one man-made lake named “Mind Lake” where stone benches and birds chippering inspire reflection. Mind Lake, situated in the center of our campus, encourages students and visitors to stop by and appreciate the scenic beauty. Mountain, lake, duck, birds, and flowers everything enhance the different styles of architecture providing a quiet and pleasant environment.



Man-Made "Mind Lake" in Sanshia Campus


Almost every day all ages of people come to enjoy the natural beauty of campus. During the winter season, cherry blossom flowers add an extra beauty to the campus. 

Most infrastructures on campus are of different styles, namely Chinese traditional, Western classical and modern. Buildings of each style form a relatively independent part of the campus. It is said that buildings are a symbol of art and technology. The buildings on the NTPU campus can be described as plain and none display commercial luxury. This kind of architecture and environment has inspired generations of NTPU students.

Near the stadium of the NTPU San Xia campus there is one big Hawk sculpture with wide spreaded wings of the Hawk. This is not a random sculpture rather it is related to one of the philosophies of the NTPU which is liberty. NTPU treates the students as the baby Hawks and nurtures the young students with proper education so that they can expand their vision beyond their comfort zone and spread their wings of education and fly with liberty like a Hawk!



Hawk Sculpture near the NTPU Stadium


Its prominent edifices namely the Humanities Building, the Business Building, the Social Building, the Administrative Building, the Public Affairs Building, the Law Building and the  Student Dormitories co-exist with the vigorous and tree-dotted landscape. Each campus possesses a unique appeal but nonetheless provides an equal standard for education.

Green Campus:

NTPU is a beautiful and pleasant place to spend your college career. We have two campus sites, Taipei Campus and San Xia Campus. The latter, which is located at SanShia area of New Taipei City, is NTPU’s main campus.



NTPU Green campus 


NTPU focuses on reducing negative environment impact by

  1. Monitoring energy conservation programs

  2. Reducing energy consumption

  3. Reduce carbon emissions

  4. Increasing recycling and reducing waste

  5. Improve bicycle and pedestrian environments

  6. Inter-campus (Taipei and San Shia) transportation

  7. Eco-system campus: lakes with ducks and woken by birds


The campus offers students an ideal study environment. Each student has WiFi internet access to the school’s internet and e-learning services. We have 3 on-campus dormitories and a newly built library which boasts its highly modern-look and has become a new landmark of our campus. The 55-hectare NTPU campus has lots of green spaces, a beautiful lake and our track and field is issued “Class 2 Certificate” by the International Association of Athletes Federation (IAAF).

In NTPU, learning is an exciting adventure, besides professional courses, NTPU also emphasizes linking local historical and cultural knowledge to students’ learning experiences, with Yingge Ceramics Museum, Hakka Museum and Li Mei-Shu Memorial Gallery located near our Sanshia campus, students are able to explore and blend into the local community with ease.

NTPU is surrounded by an abundance of shops and restaurants, not to mention some chained stores are also available inside the NTPU campus.