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Conventional Events
  • Annual English Play


This annual play is organized by Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics department each year. This is an English play which is performed by the students of this department. At first one specific play written by any renowned English writer is selected and performed on the stage. The length of the play must be at least 2 hours. The preparation time to finally perform the play on stage is around 8 months. Every students need to participate in this play to some extent. As it is difficult to accommodate all the students on a single play, some students participate in the management part and some perform on stage performance. As the play is in English, it develops the English communication skill of the students a lot.


  • Coming Age Event


This is also another traditional event from the Department of Chinese Literature in which the students who enter into the adult state of their life are given some special names according to the ancient Chinese culture. Generally a teacher from the same department or from the class of that student selects the name.  To attend this event, both the male and female students need to wear Chinese traditional dress. 

Also the students need to solve different kinds of puzzle through special kind of games. The number of stages in this game is 12 because according to Chinese tradition there are 12 stages of life and passing or solving each stage means the student is passing that stage of life successfully. If someone passes all the stages then it is predicted that he or she will be very successful in life. As the students become adult, they also have a chance to taste liquor within limit just to fulfill the traditional event.


  • The Flying Hawk Literature Award


    The Flying Hawk Literature Award for college students, held by the Department of Chinese Literature, is the greatest arts & cultural event of the year at National Taipei University which has drawn students in different departments to join the competition over the past years. The 9th competition this year has 5 categories: new poetry, essays, novels, comments, and digital literatures, with a total of 150 pieces participating in. The digital literature category asks for using scripts from modern Chinese literature and presented in the form of digital advertising. This unique digital literature category is an initiative and innovative literature award in Taiwan. Each year’s Flying Hawk Literature Award has different features. The 2013’s competition has more pieces of realism and novels are filled with strongly socially conscious. Winners of this year come from different majors, especially the winners of digital literatures coming from 6 different departments which demonstrate the diversity and vitality of literature of National Taipei University.


  •       NTPU-BA Case Study Competition  


    NTPU-BA Case Study has been successfully held in NTPU for 6 times supported by National Taipei University, Department of Business Administration National Taipei University, and Student Association of the Department of Business Administration National Taipei University. The competition aims at encouraging competitors to combine creativity, tacit understanding of teamwork, speed, expressing ability, and to develop the capability to solve problems in enterprises. By offering an opportunity of brainstorming and communicating, NTPU also create a platform for businesses to find outstanding elites. With years of rich experience in case study and full support from teachers and students, our school adheres to the spirit of continuously promoting academia-industry cooperation and academic atmosphere of business administration in the hope of making the competition a resounding success with the participation of school elites and assistance of friends from all walks of life. This event helps students get familiar with the future job market and workplace environment, cultivate the right work attitude, and get prepared to enter the workforce. We also hope to offer students in Business Administration related departments an opportunity to combine theory and practice, and have further interaction and communication with students in other universities and colleges in academic case study. The 7th NTPU-BA Case Study 2013 maintains the spirit of case study teaching method, initiates a brand-new competition system, and encourages marvelous creativity with exciting case study competition.