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Dedicated Alumni of NTPU

The outstanding performance of our students and alumni has been well recognized in Taiwan. The achievements of our alumni are a tribute to the quality of education provided by our University  and their success has created a domino-effect in increasing public confidence in our institution. The bar passing rate for our graduates is one of the highest among all Taiwanese law schools. A large proportion of judges and high-ranking government officials in Taiwan are also alumni of our College. Some of alumni donated their own paintings or artwork to the school  and they try to help to enhance the school’s interior decoration and cultivate students and staff’ artistic appreciation.


 Public Services :


PENG,HUAI-NAN, Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

XU,YI-XIONG, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

LIANG,FA-JIN, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Senior Vice President of NTPU

LAAI, YING-ZHAO, President of Judicial Yuan, R.O.C.  Vice Premier, Executive Yuan, The Honorable Justice

CHENG,ZHONG-MO, Vice president of Judicial Yuan, R.O.C. The Honorable Justice

ZHEN,CHUN-SHENG, The Honorable Justice

ZENG,HUA-SONG, The Honorable Justice

LI,ZHI-PENG, The Honorable Justice

RAO,YING-JI, Vice president of the Legislative Yuan

YOU,XI-CHUAN, Premier, Executive Yuan, Party chairman of DPP Taiwan

XU,LI-DE, Advisor, Office of the President;Vice Premier, Executive Yuan; Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs; Minister, Ministry of Finance

LIN,ZHONG-SEN, Secretary general, Executive Yuan; Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Interior; Chairman, Straits Exchange Foundation

LI,HOU-GAO, Secretary general, Executive Yuan,

LIU,YU-SHAN, Secretary general, Executive Yuan; Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan

YE,GUO-XING, Secretary general, Executive Yuan; Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan.

CHEN,RUI-LONG, Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs

YE, JIN-FENG, Minister,Ministry of interior; Minister,Ministry of Justice.

JIAN,TAI-LANG, Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Interior.

XU, XIN-QI, Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Interior;County Commissioner of Taoyuan.

WANG, ZHUO-JUN, Director general,National Police Agency.

KANG,NING-XIANG, Vice Minister,Ministry of Justice; Member Council, Ministry of Audit ,Control Yuan.

KE,CHENG-HENG, Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Justice.

WANG, JIN-WANG, Minister, Coast Guard Administration.

LI,JIN-YONG, Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Justice ;Mayor of Keelung City.

GUO, LIN-YONG, Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Justice.

WANG, RONG-ZHOU, Director General, Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice.

WANG, GUANG-YU, Director General, Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice.

YE, SHENG-MAO, Director General, Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice.

WU,YING, Director General, Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice.

WU,LI-ZHEN, Deputy General, Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice.

SHEN, LU-XUN, Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Representative ,Taipei Representative Office in the U.K.

JIANG, BING-KUN, Minister, Ministry of Economic  Affairs; Vice Chairpersons,KMT.

CHEN, RUI-LONG, Minister, Ministry of Economic  Affairs.

HUANG,YING-SHAN, Minister, Ministry of Economic  Affairs.

LIN, SHENG-ZHONG, Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of  Economic  Affairs; Chairman, Chinese Petroleum Corporation.

ZHUO, RONG-TAI, Secretary General, Executive Yuan; Secretary General, DPP Taiwan.

DING, KE-HUA, Administrative Deputy, Securities and Futures Bureau, Executive Yuan.

ZENG, MING-ZONG, Chairman, Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan; President ,Taiwan Cooperative Bank.

ZENG,GUO-LIE, Director-General, Bank Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan .

CHEN, JUN-LIN, Vice Chairman, Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan.

ZHANG, ZHENG-XIONG, Chairman, Central Election Commission. 

WU,TAI-CHENG, Director-General Personnel Administration, Executive yuan.

WENG, JIN-ZHU, Chairman, Ministry,  Culture Affairs, Executive Yuan ;Commissioner, Changhua County.

WU, JIN-FA, Vice Chairperson, Ministry of Culture Affairs, Executive Yuan .

LI,GAO-XIANG,  Vice Chairman, Sports Administration, Executive Yuan.

WU, RONG-MING, Vice Premier, Examination Yuan; Chairman, Taiwan Sugar Corporation.

WU,WAN-LAN, Minister, Ministry of Examination , Examination Yuan.


 Academic Community Literature :


YANG, DUN-HE, President, St. John’s University;President, Fu Jen Catholic University.

CHEN,MING-ZHE, President, Academy of Management.

ZHENG,CHOU-YU, Poet,Writer.

ZHENG, FENG-XI, Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 1974 and the Author of -“He never gives up”.

CHEN,KANG-SHUN, Director, National Museum of History.

ZHANG,FA-HE, Vice General Manager,Central Picture Corporation.

QU,ZI-LI, Chief Editor and Founder of "NBA News" and "HOOP" basketball magazine.

WU,CHU-CHU, Composer and Folk Singer, Golden Melody Awards Special Contribution Award.


 Political Parties – Politician :


HUANG, XIN-JIE, Chairman,Democratic Progress Party(DPP) Taiwan.

LIN, FENG-ZHENG, Vice Chairpersons, Kuomintang (KMT) ;Commissioner,Taipei County.

QIN, JIN-SHENG, Secretary General, People First Party.

ZHANG,QIU-HUA, Commissioner, Miaoli County.

QIU,LIAN-HUI, Commissioner, Pintung County.

ZHANG, HUA-GUAN, Commissioner, Chiayi County.

ZHANG,LI-TANG, Mayor, Tainan city.

ZHOU, JIAN-YUAN, Mayor, Addison, Texas, USA.

 LIAO, BEN-YAN, Mayor, Shulin, Taipei County.

XU,CAI-LI, Mayor, Keelung City.

ZHENG,SAN-YUAN, Mayor,Xindian , Taipei County.


 Professionals :


LI,BING-HONG, First Blind Lawyer in Taiwan.


LAI,CHONG-QING, President, Taiwan Branch in Deloitte.

ZHANG, RI-YAN, President, Deloitte.

SU,YOU-CHEN, , Executive Director, Taiwan Bar Association; Deputy Managing Director, Chinese Association for Human Rights



 Business Leaders :


ZHANG,PING-ZHAO, President,Capital Group, Chairman, General Chamber of Commerce of Taiwan, ROC.

WANG,GUI-RONG, Chairman, World Capital Market

HUANG,YONG-REN, Chairman, E.Sun Bank

LIN,XIAO-DA, Chairman, Yuanda Financial Holdings

DING,TONG-YUAN, Executive Director  and Managing Supervisor,World Capital Market

WANG, JIA-QUAN, Director, Bank of Taiwan; Chairman,Taiwan Fire and Marine Insurance Company

WANG, ZHENG-XIN, Chief Strategy Officer, Chinatrust Financial Holding

LIN, XING-SAN, Vice President, Evergreen Group.

WU, YU-QUN, General Manager, GreTai Securities Market

CAI, MU-LIN, Chairman, Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation

ZHENG, BAO-QING, Chairman, Taiyen Corporate

CHEN, YONG-TAI, Chairman, Aurora Group

ZOU, SHU-ZHONG, Chairman, Speedmark Transportation.

LI, WEN-YUAN, Chairman, Love’s World

YANG, QING-FENG, Chairman, Tainan Enterprises

LIU, BAO-YOU, Founder and Chairman, La New

ZHUANG, YING-YAO, Chairman, Wuan Chuang Food Industrial CO., LTD

CAI, ZONG-YANG, Chairman, Magic Aman, Taiwan.

WU, MING-FU, Chairman, Up Young Automation Corporation

XIE, SHI-CANG, Chairman, Asian Chinese Asset Management


SONG,XIANG-LAN, Managing Supervisor and CEO, ETMall

LI,LI-YU, General Manager, Rong Xin Industrial Co., Ltd, and Chitou Lemidi Hotel

LIN,XI-QI, Chairman, Diptronics Manufacturing Inc.

LI,ZHI-SU, CEO,COO, Acellent Technologies,Inc.

ZHONG,KUN-JIN, Chairman, Chung Fu Technical Development Co., Ltd.

LU,LIANG-BI, Vice Chairman, Fortune Motors Co., Ltd.


 Social Movement :


DING, YONG-YAN, Secretary, Taiwan Labor Front; Executive Secretary, Confederation of Tainan County Trade Unions

QIU, YU-BIN, Secretary, Taiwan Labor Front, Deputy Secretary for the National Confederation of Trade Unions

HAN, SHI-XIAN, Executive Secretary, National Federation of Bank Employees

ZHENG, CUN-QI, Committee Conveyor, Workers Legislative Action

SU,YING-GUID, Secretary, Department of Labor, Taipei City Government