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No.9 Most- Wanted to Attend University


National Taipei University scored top 9 most- wanted for high school students in Taiwan

The latest issue of Global View Magazine revealed the results of the survey for university reputation 2013. Of 148 colleges and universities in Taiwan, National Taipei University scored top 9 in overall most- wanted for high school students, and also made a mark in individual categories.

To future freshmen, NTPU is ranked number 9 for the most-wanted to attend university, and number 13 for overall performance. It is obvious that the extraordinary tradition adopted from the former Taiwan Provincial College of Law and Business, and the hard work from all fields has made a mark in the high school student body.

In individual performance, high school seniors view NTPU’s field of law as top 3, field of business as top 4, and the field of social science as top 6. From the teacher’s viewpoints, NTPU’s field of law scored top 4, while the field of social science scored 13. The annual university reputation survey this year was conducted to two groups, the teachers and the high school seniors, with the former conducted to 457 university presidents and deans, and the latter to 2,406 high school seniors.

Over the past few decades, NTPU has traditionally played a significant and pivotal role in educating and developing the mid- and high-level talents in the areas of law, business, public administration, as well as social sciences. More than 500 faculty members serve a student body of nearly 10,000. The university encourages its students to take up a minor or have a double degree; it also provides diverse learning opportunities in other universities. Students have since regarded interdisciplinary learning as a very viable option.