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Living at NTPU

   How To Open an Bank Account:



Postal Bank

To open an account, bring your Residence Visa, Passport, chop (a carved seal of your Chinese name, generally used as a form of ID) and NT$100.

*There is a Postal Bank which is located at the basement of Administration Building.

Bank Account

To open a  regular bank account, bring your passport and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).


   How to get Mobile Sim Card:


Making international calls from Taiwan

SIM cards for Cell Phones (How to Apply-)

International call prefix (002 or 009) + country code + area code (remove any initial zeros) +phone number

It can be purchased at the airport or a local convenience store, like 7-11 and Family Mart

GSM 900MHz/1800MHz


   Where to Consult with Doctor :


The Health Care Center offers Patient visits, emergency treatment of external injuries, simple examinations, new student examinations, student safety insurance, overseas rescue missions, health lectures.

Consultation Hours

Mon-Fri 14:00-16:00

Consultation Fee(Student) NT$0

Remember to bring the Student ID Card

Place : 1F, Administration Building 

Tel : +886-2-8674-1111 #66249


   Where to Post Percel or Letter:



Postage fees for an average letter mailed within Taiwan is NT$5. Special delivery is NT$12.

Fees for international mail, packages and expressservice are determined by weight and destination.

* Supermarkets usually offer express mail service.


  Where to eat at NTPU Campus:


College of Business (Basement first floor,B1):


College of Business (Basement first floor,B1): 


 Administration Center (Basement first floor,B1):


College of Humanities (First floor,1F):


Dormitory (Basement first floor,B1):


  Dormitory (First floor,1F):



   Emergency Contact Number :









Office of International Affairs

+886-2-86741111 #68002

Office of Student Affairs

+886-2-86741111 #66200