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Professor Ming-Jer Chen


Professor Ming-Jer Chen, Distinguished Alumni of NTPU, to Lead the World’s Largest Management Association -Academy of Management

Named Distinguished Alumni at the tenth annual Academic Achievement Awards of NTPU, Professor Ming-Jer Chen of the University of Virginia is named president of the world’s largest management association, the Academy of Management. He is the first Taiwanese-born, and also the first NTPU alumni to assume such a leading role in an international academic association.

Professor Chen graduated from the Department of Business Administration of the Law and Business College of National Chun-Hsin University (Former NTPU) in 1976. After earning his PhD from the University of Maryland, Professor Chen taught at the Business College of Columbia University and the Wharton School of Business of University of Pennsylvania, and is now a professor at Darden School of Business of University of Virginia.

Professor Chen was elected Top 72 Global Model Characters by the CommonWealth Magazine in 2008, winner of the Best Paper Award of the Journal of Management Inquiry 2008, winner of the Best Paper Award of the Academy of Management Review in 1997, distinguished alumni of University of Maryland 1996, Best Paper Prize of the Strategic Management Society in 1993 and 1995, Best Teacher of University of Maryland 1986, and many more.