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National Taipei University’s Law School was formally established in February 2000. It is currently made up of the following departments :


1. Department of Jurisprudence (originally Program of Jurisprudence)

This currently includes the following programs:

  • Undergraduate Program
  • On-the-Job Undergraduate Class
  • LL.M and Ph.D degrees

2. Department of Judicial Studies (originally Program of Judicial Studies)

3. Department of Financial and Commercial Laws (originally Program of Financial and Commercial Laws)

4.Information Center for Comparative Laws (originally ICCL, National Chung Hsing University College of Business and Law)

These programs place thorough emphasis on research related to the fundamental principles of law with an equal basis on the Continental and Anglo -American judicial systems. Following the trend of financial and technological development, the college offers a variety of courses to satisfy the urgent need of our rapidly growing society. With the expertise of the carefully selected faculty and the cooperative assistance from all the departments, the NTPU College of Law is progressing towards becoming an internationally pivotal institution in the study of law.


Educational Mission

The National Taipei University School of Law aims to nurture the potentials of its students in the study of the principles and practice of law, to set up a fair and just society, and to improve the legal structures of the country.


Department of Law

In addition to the fundamental education in laws, the undergraduate students of the department are required to study domestic and global judicial principles. The students in the M.A and Ph.D programs are required to be able to do independent research projects in order to hone them into effective legislative practitioners. Some of the duly recognized courses currently offered by the department include: International Public Law, European Community Law, Anglo-American Infringement Act Law, Anglo-American Contract Law, Legal Sociology, Legal Anthropology, The Philosophy of Law, and Masterworks of Law.