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Military Education Division

Military education, reserved officer recruitment, 24-hour dormitory duty, campus security, China Youth Corps self-strengthening activities, lost and found services, enlistment refunding.



 Art Clubs


Club Name



News Research Club


1. Publish school-wide club internship  publication - Taipei University People.

2. Form a team of news editors and reporters. 

3. Media interviews

4. Hold exchanges with News Departments at other schools.

Luo Ling Art Club


1.  Hold art study classes, develop outstanding artistic and art appreciation skills in: a. pop art; b. Western painting; c. Chinese painting. 

2.  Hold various activities: Promote the arts on campus improve student’s recreational environment through a variety of activities such as pottery study and drawing competitions. 

Computer Club


1.  Instruction on ordinary computer applications. 

2. Special topic instruction.

New Century Culture and Arts Club


1. Hold public arts performances every semester. 

2. Club study sessions and movie appreciation activities.

3. Publish club periodical every semester.

Cartoon Club


Offer regular showing of classic and the year’s best-animated movies for students, hold cartoon instruction and cartoon appreciation lectures.

AIESEC TPLC/Business Student Chapter)


1.  International research student exchange program,

2. Domestic and international study tours. 

3.  Domestic and international training activities and international conferences.

4. Corporate and student idea exchange seminars.

5. Observe and visit companies.

6.  ther activities that achieve the mission of this organization. 

Debate Club


1.  Actively hold debates and language broadcasting courses.

2.  Participate in outside competitions to gain prestige. 

Bible Study Club


1.  Hold exchanges with other schools’ Christian organizations.

2.  Understand the profound secrets of the Bible.

3. Spread the Gospel

Bridge and Chess Club


1. Bridge instruction and practice for club members.

2. Participate in intra-school competition, exchange bridge skills and make friends with other schools' bridge clubs.  

Youth Club


1. Actively seek out the problems that exist inside the school and report them to the school authorities.

2.Hold speeches in cooperation with other organizations and participate in appropriate activities. 

Glamour Club


1. Discuss gender oriented news. 

2. Feminism study group.

3. Gender issues and movie appreciation.

4. Show concern for gender issues in society and join activities concerned with women's rights. 

English Club


Raise interest in English study, raise English ability on campus.

Lanting Calligraphy Club


1. Hire instructor to teach calligraphy style imitation and calligraphy appreciation. 

2. Poetry and song appreciation. 

3. Study art of seal carving.

Cheng Shih Buddhist Club


1. Hold Buddhist lectures and exhibits. 

2. Organize a regular scheduled study group to improve understanding of Buddhist doctrine.

3. Visit temples to open contact with Buddhist doctrine 

Numerology Research Club


1. Invite instructor to teach numerology and unlock its mysteries to students.   

2.Hold exchanges with similar clubs at other schools and organize numerology camp during summer and winter vacations. 

Securities Research Club


1. Hold lectures on special topics, combine investment theory and practice. 

2. Hold regular club activities, develop correct investment concepts.

3. Organize National Collegiate Financial Study Camp every summer vacation.

Ananda Club


1. Basic yoga exercise and posture instruction.

2. Introduce breathing functions and relaxation.

Internet Service Club


1. Actively participate and assist with the school’s Internet-related activities.

2.Serve community and assist with any Internet-related activity at the school. 

Taipei University Literary Editor Workshop


1.Organize the school’s Taipei University Arts Awards.

2.Hold lectures during School Publication Week

3.Hold lectures.

Reporting and Literature Club


1.Study monthly journals

2.publish journals about culture, people and life in Sanhsia.

3.Hold activities

4.Meet other clubs from NTU and other universities