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Health & Care Section

Patient visits, emergency treatment of external injuries, simple examinations, new student examinations, student safety insurance, overseas rescue missions, health lectures.

Clinical Health Services

The Health &Care Section Service

1. Outpatient Department Service

Opening hour:

Every Monday to Friday during 14:00-16:00 Closed during summer and winter vacations


The Health &Care Section:1F, Administration Building    

2. Health service

(1)New student health checkups and health data management

(2)Follow-up health problems found at checkup

(3)Outpatients Department and consultation services

(4)First aid on campus

(5)Student group insurance and claims

(6)Contagious disease control

(7)Services offered: First-aid kits, crutches and other medical instruments.

(8)Body composition analysis and measurement of height, weight, blood pressure.

 3. Health Education

(1) First-aid training

(2) Health symposiums

(3)Cafeteria hygiene education and hygiene lectures for restaurant workers

(4)Providing a full range of medical and healthcare information

 4. Student Group Insurance

(1) Insured: All students

(2) Coverage: Death, disability or hospitalization due to diseases or accidents during the policy term.

(3) Medical claims payment:

* Hospitalization claim

* Outpatients Department claims for injuries from accidents

* Claim for fracture without hospitalization

* Claim for first-time cancer patient

* Claim for serious illness and/or injuries

(4)Application for claims: Please contact the Health&Care Section

(5)Validity: The right to claim will be lost when not exercised within 2 years from accidents. Please make your application as soon as possible.


★Outpatient time please carry with student ID card and the service do not have any charges.

★Application for claims please have diagnosis certificate,medical treatmentreceipts photocopies of student ID card and bank book.

★Fracture without hospitalization please have X-ray result.

Contact Us: 02-86741111#66249