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Extracurricular Activities Section

Provide guidance, handle applications and transfer funds for student meetings, department meetings, clubs, social service teams and class level activities, perform club evaluations and organize observation activities, club officer study meetings and various duties for the China Youth Corps, passport applications, certification and English and Chinese qualifications for clubs.


Volunteer Services

The university’s volunteer service activities are organized either by the Extracurricular Activities Section of the Office of Student Affairs, service-oriented clubs, or by the service teams formed by each department. These units set up various service training sessions or other activities to provide enriched and diverse learning opportunities.

The Extracurricular Activities Section takes charge of international volunteers, cultural volunteers, indigenous people’s community volunteers, and campus tour volunteers. Training for these volunteers emphasizes fundamentals as well as special expertise, equipping students with the skills to best serve their interest groups

Aside from serving in remote areas during winter and summer breaks, service-oriented clubs also do community service during the school year. This improves the members’ planning and coordinating skills as well as enhances the way they work in teams. Students also plan their own club workshops and training programs to increase their knowledge and improve abilities. 

In terms of service teams formed by each department, volunteer service allows members use their professional knowledge to assist others, such as the  is Legal Service Club providing legal consultation services to towns and villages; or the summer and winter service group organizing camps in elementary and junior high schools. Currently, the focus of the university’s international volunteer team is the group of disadvantaged children and women in the Philippines. The team seeks to make a difference by caring for children, allowing its members to strengthen individual abilities and to reflect and learn through serving.

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Student Clubs(Link)

Art Clubs

                                                                         Club  Name

News Research Club

Luo Ling Art Club

Computer Club

New Century Culture and Arts Club

Cartoon Club

AIESEC TPLC/Business Student Chapter)

Debate Club

Bible Study Club

Bridge and Chess Club

Youth Club

Glamour Club

English Club

Lanting Calligraphy Club

Cheng Shih Buddhist Club

Numerology Research Club

Securities Research Club

Ananda Club

Internet Service Club

Taipei University Literary Editor Workshop

Reporting and Literature Club















Health and Recreational Clubs

                                                                         Club Name

Indigenous Dance Club

Cocktail Club

Popular Dance Club

Magic Club

In-Line Skate Club

Photography Club

Movie Club

He Luo Traditional Drama Club








Service Clubs

                                                                         Club Name

Social Services Group

Dolala Club

Tsi Lun Club

FHL Club

Kang Fu Club

Cultural Service Club

Aborigine Friendship Club

Firefly Workshop

Tzu Chi Youth Group

Boy Scouts Club

Culture Exchange Club










PE Clubs

                                                                         Club Name

Taekwondo Self-Protection Club

Martial Arts Club

Baseball Club

Cycling Club

Fencing Club

Mountain Climbing

Softball Club







Music Clubs

                                                                         Club Name

Zither Club

Chinese Music Club

Hsing Lu Harmonica Club

Hsin Sheng Chorus

Guitar Club

Ching Tien Wind Instrument Club







Student Groups

                                                                         Club Name

Overseas and Foreign Student Association

Alumni Association

Student Government Association

Student Council