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Student Affairs Services-1


Center for Student Counseling

Student Tutoring Program

Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students Affairs Section

Career Counseling Section

Extracurricular Activities System

Volunteer Services

Conduct and Campus Section

Care Section

Military Education Division


A. Center for Student Counseling


Individual and group counseling, counselor training, psychological assessment, mental health workshop, counseling students with visual or hearing impairments, making audio books, organizing semester activities for students with visual or hearing impairments, counseling case-study seminars, accepting transfer cases from psychological hospitals and institutions and providing psychological therapy for students with psychological conditions.



B. Student Tutoring Program

For those students who would like to ensure that they will be successful in their courses, there are student tutoring group available. Tutoring is offered in a broad range of courses, including introductory sciences, languages, core classes, and domain subjects. Highly qualified and trained tutors assist students with mastering their course contentand maximizing their potential for academic achievement. When combined with regular attendance of classes and recitations, visits to professors' office hoursand formation of peer study groups, tutoring serves as a proactive step for students to ensure academic success.

Contact Us: 02-86741111#66246

Service Hour:9am-12pm,1pm-4pm


C. Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students Affairs Section 

Hold activities with Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students Culture Exchange Clubs,overseas students with public assistance and part-time employment applications traand nsfers, orientation meetings for new overseas Chinese and foreign students, assist with scholarship applications and transfers, foreign student guidance and friendship association.


D. Career Counseling Section 

Employment counseling, graduate student financial assistance applications and fund transfers, part-time students application and fund transfers, assist alumni association activity planning, student admission loans and outside scholarship applications.

Career and Employment Services provides comprehensive resources and counseling for studentsand graduateswith their career exploration and work search needs. We offer services such as career fair, job search skills workshops and much more.

Contact Us: 02-86741111#66206


E. Extracurricular Activities System

Provide guidance, handle applications and transfer funds for student meetings, department meetings, clubs, social service teams and class level activities, perform club evaluations and organize observation activities, club officer study meetings and various duties for the China Youth Corps, passport applications, certification and English and Chinese qualifications for clubs.


F. Volunteer Services

The university’s volunteer service activities are organized either by the Extracurricular Activities Section of the Office of Student Affairs, service-oriented clubs, or by the service teams formed by each department. These units set up various service training sessions or other activities to provide enriched and diverse learning opportunities.

The Extracurricular Activities Section takes charge of international volunteers, cultural volunteers, indigenous people’s community volunteers, and campus tour volunteers. Training for these volunteers emphasizes fundamentals as well as special expertise, equipping students with the skills to best serve their interest groups

Aside from serving in remote areas during winter and summer breaks, service-oriented clubs also do community service during the school year. This improves the members’ planning and coordinating skills as well as enhances the way they work in teams. Students also plan their own club workshops and training programs to increase their knowledge and improve abilities. 

In terms of service teams formed by each department, volunteer service allows members use their professional knowledge to assist others, such as the  is Legal Service Club providing legal consultation services to towns and villages; or the summer and winter service group organizing camps in elementary and junior high schools. Currently, the focus of the university’s international volunteer team is the group of disadvantaged children and women in the Philippines. The team seeks to make a difference by caring for children, allowing its members to strengthen individual abilities and to reflect and learn through serving.

Contact Us: 02-86741111#66211


G. Conduct and Campus Section

Dormitory and traffic safety matters, new student training, graduation ceremonies, student affairs meetings, school weekly meeting and school officer weekly meetings, process military conscription deferment and calls, school fee waivers, public assistance for military personnel, teachers and civil servants, outstanding student award, outstanding graduate applications.

a.Orientation Program

The new student orientation occurs during move-in weekendprior to the start of classes. The orientation is the place where new students start their college careers. It is an invaluable time for new students to explore programs and services on campus, experience a memorable introduction to the college community and invest in the opportunity to adjust to your new surroundings.

Contact Us: 02-86718032


b.Class Teacher Program

Every class has a faculty advisor providing assistance in course selection, majors and potential career opportunities.  They also help to motivate students toward the successful completion of their degree program.Students are welcomed to meet with his or her class teacher to discuss different academic issues.

Contact Us: 02-86718032

The university’s Sanshia campus sits on 54 hectares of land, planted with more than 100 species of flowers, trees, and bushes. These plants carpet the university with lush greenery and vivid colors all-year round. This picturesque scene serves as a backdrop for the calm and serene lake beside which the dormitories are built, serving as homes for more than 1,000 students. There is a bookstore on the 1st floor; gyms, table tennis rooms, and aerobic studios on the basement are some of the available student amenities.

Contact Us:



Name of Dormitory

Contact Line

Sunshine Building

 (02)86746239 or #66239(within campus)

Moonlit Building

 (02)86746230 or #66230(within campus)

Starry Building

 (02)86746239 or #66239(within campus)







Night Time:

 (02)2502-3671(Taipei Campus)
 (02)8671-4157(Sanshia campus)


H. Care Section

Patient visits, emergency treatment of external injuries, simple examinations, new student examinations, student safety insurance, overseas rescue missions, health lectures.

Clinical Health Services

The Health &Care Section Service

1. Outpatient Department Service

Opening hour:

Every Monday to Friday during 14:00-16:00 Closed during summer and winter vacations


The Health &Care Section:1F, Administration Building    

2. Health service

(1)New student health checkups and health data management

(2)Follow-up health problems found at checkup

(3)Outpatients Department and consultation services

(4)First aid on campus

(5)Student group insurance and claims

(6)Contagious disease control

(7)Services offered: First-aid kits, crutches and other medical instruments.

(8)Body composition analysis and measurement of height, weight, blood pressure.

 3. Health Education

(1) First-aid training

(2) Health symposiums

(3)Cafeteria hygiene education and hygiene lectures for restaurant workers

(4)Providing a full range of medical and healthcare information

 4. Student Group Insurance

(1) Insured: All students

(2) Coverage: Death, disability or hospitalization due to diseases or accidents during the policy term.

(3) Medical claims payment:

l Hospitalization claim

l Outpatients Department claims for injuries from accidents

l Claim for fracture without hospitalization

l Claim for first-time cancer patient

l Claim for serious illness and/or injuries

(4)Application for claims: Please contact the Health&Care Section

(5)Validity: The right to claim will be lost when not exercised within 2 years from accidents. Please make your application as soon as possible.


★Outpatient time please carry with student ID card and the service do not have any charges.

★Application for claims please have diagnosis certificate,medical treatmentreceipts photocopies of student ID card and bank book.

★Fracture without hospitalization please have X-ray result.

Contact Us: 02-86741111#66249












































I. Military Education Division

Military education, reserved officer recruitment, 24-hour dormitory duty, campus security, China Youth Corps self-strengthening activities, lost and found services, enlistment refunding.


J. Art Clubs


Club Name



News Research Club


1. Publish school-wide club internship  publication - Taipei University People.

2. Form a team of news editors and reporters. 

3. Media interviews

4. Hold exchanges with News Departments at other schools.

Luo Ling Art Club


1.  Hold art study classes, develop outstanding artistic and art appreciation skills in: a. pop art; b. Western painting; c. Chinese painting. 

2.  Hold various activities: Promote the arts on campus improve student’s recreational environment through a variety of activities such as pottery study and drawing competitions. 

Computer Club


1.  Instruction on ordinary computer applications. 

2. Special topic instruction.

New Century Culture and Arts Club


1. Hold public arts performances every semester. 

2. Club study sessions and movie appreciation activities.

3. Publish club periodical every semester.

Cartoon Club


Offer regular showing of classic and the year’s best-animated movies for students, hold cartoon instruction and cartoon appreciation lectures.

AIESEC TPLC/Business Student Chapter)


1.  International research student exchange program,

2. Domestic and international study tours. 

3.  Domestic and international training activities and international conferences.

4. Corporate and student idea exchange seminars.

5. Observe and visit companies.

6.  ther activities that achieve the mission of this organization. 

Debate Club


1.  Actively hold debates and language broadcasting courses.

2.  Participate in outside competitions to gain prestige. 

Bible Study Club


1.  Hold exchanges with other schools’ Christian organizations.

2.  Understand the profound secrets of the Bible.

3. Spread the Gospel

Bridge and Chess Club


1. Bridge instruction and practice for club members.

2. Participate in intra-school competition, exchange bridge skills and make friends with other schools' bridge clubs.  

Youth Club


1. Actively seek out the problems that exist inside the school and report them to the school authorities.

2.Hold speeches in cooperation with other organizations and participate in appropriate activities. 

Glamour Club


1. Discuss gender oriented news. 

2. Feminism study group.

3. Gender issues and movie appreciation.

4. Show concern for gender issues in society and join activities concerned with women's rights. 

English Club


Raise interest in English study, raise English ability on campus.

Lanting Calligraphy Club


1. Hire instructor to teach calligraphy style imitation and calligraphy appreciation. 

2. Poetry and song appreciation. 

3. Study art of seal carving.

Cheng Shih Buddhist Club


1. Hold Buddhist lectures and exhibits. 

2. Organize a regular scheduled study group to improve understanding of Buddhist doctrine.

3. Visit temples to open contact with Buddhist doctrine 

Numerology Research Club


1. Invite instructor to teach numerology and unlock its mysteries to students.   

2.Hold exchanges with similar clubs at other schools and organize numerology camp during summer and winter vacations. 

Securities Research Club


1. Hold lectures on special topics, combine investment theory and practice. 

2. Hold regular club activities, develop correct investment concepts.

3. Organize National Collegiate Financial Study Camp every summer vacation.

Ananda Club


1. Basic yoga exercise and posture instruction.

2. Introduce breathing functions and relaxation.

Internet Service Club


1. Actively participate and assist with the school’s Internet-related activities.

2.Serve community and assist with any Internet-related activity at the school. 

Taipei University Literary Editor Workshop


1.Organize the school’s Taipei University Arts Awards.

2.Hold lectures during School Publication Week

3.Hold lectures.

Reporting and Literature Club


1.Study monthly journals

2.publish journals about culture, people and life in Sanhsia.

3.Hold activities

4.Meet other clubs from NTU and other universities







































































K. Health and Recreational Clubs


Club Name



Indigenous Dance Club


1. Hold Inter-Collegiate Indigenous Dance Cup every year.

2. Hold get-togethers to increase exchanges with other schools.

3. Hold summer and winter practices to heighten interest in indigenous dance.

Cocktail Club


1. Ask professional instructor every week for instruction.

2. Organize practice sessions based on the course content.

3. Cooperate and support other clubs.

Popular Dance Club


1. Hold activities in conjunction with other organizations at the school.

2. Actively participate in all activities that involve hip-hop culture.

3. Hold large shows and perform at the National Collegiate Dance Show.

Magic Club


1. Hold magic classes every week

2. Interact with other magic clubs

3. Hold a routine show

In-Line Skate Club


1. First do calisthenics with members to prevent sports injury

2. Provide instructor-led lessons and correct individuals based on their current level.

3. Focus on recreational in-line skating skills including skating forward, basic in-line skating knowledge, skating backwards, various braking methods, turning, downhill skating and dodging oncoming skaters.

Photography Club


1. Start of fall semester public performance and other school performances such as spring performance, large scale or joint performances with other schools such as Turn Around Art Festival.

2. Do a physical acting performance mid-semester (once per semester) and offer regular drama sound effects, costume and directing class at regular times.

3. Watch drama performance together and movie appreciation.

4. Perform in end-of-semester performances, graduation performance and large drama performance outside of school.

Movie Club


1. Organize large movie showings at schools

2. Hold small film festivals at school.

3. Loan out videotapes.

4. Other movie-related matters.

He Luo Traditional Drama Club


1. Two types of classes offered at club: (1) Basic singing; (2) Basic acting

2. Put on performance at end of each semester.

3. Join and watch various traditional drama performances





































 L. Service Clubs



Club Name



Social Services Group


1. Mid-term course training, develop member’s service attitude, pop and group health skills.

2. Foster social service concept, assist with social service activities of public interest groups.

3. Hold team activity during summer and winter vacations with elementary schools and give kids a chance to have fun through learning during their vacation.

Tsi Lun Club


1. Provide enthusiastic service, hold blood donation and charity auction activities for public and social welfare.

2. Tutor young children at Kuang Tzu Care Home at regular times each week at Kuang Tzu Care Home.

3. Hold educational and recreational activities for elementary school children during holidays three times a semester.

4. Send out service teams to cities and counties during summer and winter vacation to bring joy to even more children.

Dolala Club


1. Actively participate in and provide support for school-wide student affairs activities.

2. Encourage spirit of social contribution by participating in community service volunteer work.

3. Organize a Lu Shan Elementary School Life Camp during every summer vacation to serve aborigine children and local inhabitants in remote mountain areas affected by the 911 earthquake.

4. During summer and winter vacations, participate and serve in China Youth Corps youth recreation activities and related nation-wide groups.

FHL Club


1. Expertise contribution, bible study meeting.

2. Special lectures, spiritual cultivation experience sharing.

3. Group study, Gospel reading group.

4. Christmas Week activities.

5. Easter Week activities.

Kang Fu Club


1. Actively participate and support the various activities held by the school.

2. Organize elementary school education and recreation camp to promote the physical and mental health of children.

3. Assist charity group activities, serve community.

Cultural Service Club


1. Cooperate with China Youth Corps’ summer and winter vacation fixed location service ladder organization.

2. Offer services to outside public welfare groups.

3. Foster spirit of service; provide services to groups that require assistance.

Aborigine Friendship Club


1. Actively participate in outside aboriginal culture activities and provide assistance whenever needed.

2. Hold aborigine art and culture activities.

3. Send teams to aborigine villages at end of semester to make friends and experience life in the mountains.

Firefly Workshop


1. Actively participate in and assist with various student activities held at school.

2. Foster spirit of service among members; assist various community service groups with their work.

3. Cooperate with China Youth Corps’ summer and winter vacation fixed location service ladder organization.

Tzu Chi Youth Group


1. Study meeting (including sign language instruction and knot handicraft instruction).

2. Syin Li Social Welfare Foundation noon feeding activity

3. Community environmental protection.

4. Participate in summer and winter vacation group activities and mind relaxation projects in conjunction with Tzu Chi Youth College.

Boy Scouts Club


1. Boy scout skill training, ability improvement.

2. Participate in tests and obtain certifications in line with head chapter instructions.

3. Lead youth boy scout activities.

Culture Exchange Club


1. Hold international etiquette lectures and self-improvement courses to develop professional skills.

2. Join large activities inside and outside school, obtain hands-on training service experience.

3. Hold regular exchanges with people from different culture, promote international outlook of members.

































































M. PE Clubs



Club Name



Taekwondo Self-Protection Club


1. Teach Taekwondo, Ren Quan Dao, self-protection skills (classes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Wu Chien Dao Hall)

2. Have members participate in Taekwondo rank certification.

3. Organize short-term training courses during summer and winter vacation.

Martial Arts Club


1. Hold regular group practice every week. Study and learn each other's strengths.

2. Participate in Martial Arts meets organized by various colleges and universities to broaden knowledge and improve skills.

3. Have summer and winter training focused on speed and basic skill training.

Baseball Club


1. Help the school promote baseball activities

2. Play baseball games

3. Practice baseball

Cycling Club


1. Hold activities that include physical training, recreation and outdoor activity.

2. Promote this outstanding sport.

Fencing Club


1. The club's activities are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in front of the Music Hall.

2. Hold school competition with fencing team members.

3. Participate in inter-school competitions.

Mountain Climbing Club


1. Hold recreational activities in surrounding mountain areas.

2. Hold high-altitude mountain climbing activities.

3. Assist with technical rock climbing, ice and river source expeditions.

Softball Club


1. Arrange softball-related activities for the NTU

2. Attend professional softball conferences

3. Hold outdoor softball activities





























N. Music Clubs



Club Name



Zither Club


1. Take active role in understanding zither history and playing methods.

2. Hold exchanges and observe other schools.

3. Hold performances

Chinese Music Club


1. Schedule musical instrument instruction and group and orchestra practice.

2. Hold intensive training and performance tours during summer and winter vacation.

3. Hold end-of-semester performances and join community performances in conjunction with other social groups.

4. Organize regular music appreciation and social exchange activities.

5. Offer music information.

6. Participate in Taiwan music competitions.

Hsing Lu Harmonica Club


1. Hold harmonica performances at school.

2. Play harmonica music outside school.

Hsin Sheng Chorus


1. Actively participate in choral competition outside school.

2. Display our love of choral music; participate in musical performances outside of school.

3. Hold concerts, share the fruits of our labor.

Guitar Club


1. Encourage student to put on performances to bring music to our campus and hold the singing/songwriting competition at the Bei Yun Awards every year.

2. Invite instructors from guitar field to give guitar lectures.

3. Hold Guitar Night performance.

Ching Tien Wind Instrument Club


1. Actively cooperate with school activities.

2. Hold regular concerts.

3. Join outside performances.




























O. Student Groups



Club Name



Overseas and Foreign Student Association


1. Hold various social activities for overseas and foreign students.

2. Strengthen exchanges between overseas and local students.

Alumni Association


1. Study Abroad Week

2. Graduation group photo

3. Career planning lecture

4. Yearbook

5. Corporate recruiting on campus

6. Graduation dance

7. Graduation ceremony

Student Government Association


Student Council