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Center for Student Counseling

Student Counseling Center is a warm, caring and professional place in NTPU, and offers all students a variety of mental health services, including individual counseling, psychological testing, thematic groups and workshops, mental health activities, and Chinese mental health books, and DVDs to borrow.


Individual Counseling

(1) A receptive and safe environment with one on one conversation to clarify the issues step by step, to help you fully release the emotions, perceive your true thoughts, also find your inner and outer resources, learn more effective response to pressure and solve the problem.

(2) for international students we provide counseling services in English. it’s on Wednesday at1 ~4PM.


Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing is just like a mirror that helps you see from an objective point of view, understand yourself and your situation(s), and know yourself better as you face changes and decisions!


Mental Health Activities

Movie shows and personal growth speeches along with other mental health activities that help you understand yourself, gain information about mental health and allow you to face problems and solve the problems, and let you know how to manage your mental health.


Personal Growth Groups and Workshops

We have a variety of groups and workshops, like self-exploration, interpersonal interaction, romantic relationships, emotional management, and stress release and many more. A group contains 8 to 16 members sharing a different perspectives, trust and support with each other under the guidance of professional counselors, which helps you to understand yourself and others in more depth.


Mental Health books(Chinese)and videos to borrow

Provide Chinese mental health books, and mental health related DVDs to borrow.


Contact Us 02-86741111#66246

Service Hour9am-5pm on Monday to Friday

Fax: +88628671-8018

SSC Location: Administration Building 2F18