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Course Administration

1.Course Selection Procedure : 

Initial selection :

Graduate students should access the Internet during the course selection time at the end of the semester and select their classes. After making the selections, students should print out the initial course selection list by themselves and sign it. Take the signed course list and get it stamped by their counselor. It should then be sent to the department (schools) for review and the department director (school dean) for approval. 

Canceling or adding courses:

Students should access the Internet to make cancellations and additions.The Graduate Program Section prints out all of the additions and cancellations and sends them to the department (school) office for distribution. Students should then check the list and sign it. After it is stamped by their counselor, it is then sent to the department (schools) for review, the department director (school dean) for approval and the Graduate Program Section for authorization. 

Picking up and checking the course selection list :

Go to your department (school) office, pick up your course selection list and check it over.If there is a mistake, add or cancel the courses on the list by hand, sign it and get it signed by the course instructor. Then get it stamped by your counselor and then ask the department (schools) to review and the department director (school dean) to approve it. When finished, hand it in to the Graduate 

Program Section so they can make the changes. Check again to make sure there are no mistakes and save the list. 

* If students do not turn in their course additions or cancellations or do . not pick their course selection list, their course selections are as shown on the Internet and no changes are allowed for any reason

The course thesis writing is offered to graduate students who have all their credits but have not submitted their theses. It is still necessary to access the Internet and select the course and pay the basic fees to finish the registration procedure. Students who are taking other courses (except those who only study education courses) may not select this course.

2.Interscholastic Course Selection :

If necessary, graduate students can apply to take courses at other schools (process one week before course selection at other school). Go to the Graduate Program Section and fill out the application and complete the relevant procedures. 

3.Graduate Student Thesis Application : 

Graduate students must submit application one month before the thesis examination. 

Mid-October for fall semester. (Thesis examination period is from mid-November to end of January) 

Mid-March for spring semester (Thesis examination period is from end of April to end of July)