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Registry Administration



Semester course selections and registration notice are sent out to graduate students at the end of the previous semester.

Student leave of absence 

Graduate student applications for leave of absence should be submitted and processed before the end of the current semester. Leave is granted for one semester, one year and two year periods.


1. When the leave period is up, the student is readmitted if registration documents are processed by the designated date for that semester.

2. If a student wants to be readmitted before the leave period is up, a readmission application must be submitted two weeks before the start of the semester.

Deferred admissions

If a student is unable to enter school at the appointed time due a major illness or serious accident, submit admission notice, documentation and a deferred admission application before the registration date are required.

Foreign student dmissions

Handled in accordance with the school's foreign student admission regulations. Applications must be submitted before April 10.

Overseas Chinese student admissions

Handled in accordance with the school's regulations.

Student ID replacement

If a graduate student loses or damages a student ID, fill out the replacement application, pay the cashier and process the replacement ID at the Graduate Programs Section.

Applying to change name or date of birth

If a student or graduate of the school wishes to change his name or birth date, 
submit the application along with an original copy of his/her household registry.

Chinese diploma

If a graduate student loses his/her diploma, submit the diploma replacement application along with copy of their ID.

Misc English documents

The English name of the graduate student must match the name on his/her passport.

Course scheduling

1. Semester course list

2. Course introduction

Course selection

1. Course selection times

2. Course selection basics


1. Examination date

2. Examination rules

Classroom use

1. Classroom capacity

2. Usage