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Faculty Development and Teaching Resources Center

a. E- portfolio for teachers

1.          Helps teachers establish their personal teaching portfolios and document the teaching, research, and counseling process.

2.          The E- portfolio can be used to better understand a teacher’s area of expertise and his/her courses and it documents the long-term process of a teacher’s teaching and research.

3.          Provides the platform for student-teacher communication and discussion.

Hosts teaching development events for teachers

To support the teaching and expertise development of teachers and to elevate their teaching quality, the center organizes and holds various teacher development events and courses, including the establishment of the teaching network, the conference for new teachers, the mentoring study group, and encourage and reward for innovative teaching materials and methods, teaching excellence rewards , etc.


b. Handles TA affairs

1.          Arranges TA for teachers.

2.          Hosts TA training and assessments.


c. Teaching Assessment Services

At the end of each semester, students would need to fill out the on-line Teaching Assessment Questionnaire. The data will be used to calculate the teaching assessment grades for each teacher, and then drawn into a Teaching Quality Radar Chart, which will show the performance of each teacher and be a reference for future improvements.

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