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Curriculum Section

Main Businesses:

♦Arrangement of Courses :

a. Arrangement of course schedule 

b. Course descriptions 

c. Curriculum planning and to report it to the Ministry of Education 

♦Course Registration : 

a. To arrange the course registration schedule and requirements 

b. To review the process of course registration, to check and ratify the common courses.

c. Summation of the results of the course registration and problem- solving for students who do not meet the requirements.

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♦Examination Affairs : 

a. To setup the examination date.

b. To regulate the examination rules.

c. Copying services of the exam-sheets.

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♦Classroom Allocation :

a. To evaluate the capacity of classrooms.

b. To assess the utilization of the undergraduate classrooms. 

♦Summer Session Affairs : 

a. To offer the courses and to proceed for registration. 

b. To gather the data of course registration and to build the student roll-books and grading sheets. 

c. Faculty payment and subsidies from the Ministry of Education. 

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♦Inter- Undergraduate and Degree- Program- Undergraduate Course Registration :

a. Key-in the data after permission. 

b. Combination of both sets of data

♦Inter- University Course Registration : 

a. Apply before the deadline. 

b. Key-in the data of course registration and student status after permission. 

c. Provide the grading sheets to the Registration Section Office of other university.

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♦Print out the Student Roll Books : 

a. Print out the roll books after pre-registration. 

b. After course addition and withdraw deadlines, combine and print out roll books of undergraduate and degree-program-section students. 

c. Faculty can receive a copy of roll book if necessary.

♦Long Distance Education : 

a. Confirmation of courses and teachers. 

b. The operation of course registration. 

♦Faculty Payment by Hours.

♦Faculty Absence Requirements.



Admission & General Affairs Section: 


a. Admission for Resident Students. 

b. Admission for International Students and Overseas Chinese Students. 

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