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Directions For The Future Development

The development of the NTPU has been quite different from other national universities in two major aspects: 1) the NTPU was merely expanded and structured from one college to become a full university in only 10 years; and 2) the NTPU has encountered tremendous problems in dealing with the relocation of the old campus, as well as the construction of the new campus. In order to cope with the critical challenges both overseas and domestic, some effective strategies and blueprints must be formulated and implemented, with an effort to shape the autonomous institutional specialties, as well as create a significant university reputation to become one of the most renowned academia in the Asia Pacific basin.


1To conduct a reengineering program for the enhancement of teaching and learning activities.

2To enhance and strengthen our capacities in research activities, to integrate the cross- setting research, and to promote and upgrade the academic image of the university.

3. To accelerate the international cooperation initiatives in order to reach a higher international standing position.

4To construct special features for the campuses.

5To improve and strengthen the social link with society.

6To set up a sound and healthy financial planning mechanism in support of the perpetual development of the university.

7. To renovate the administration system of the university to escalate the effectiveness of governance and management of the university.