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Research Awards







Dr. Shu-Li Huang

Graduate Institute of Urban Planning


Outstanding Research Award, National Science Council, 1991-1992, 2011-2013

  • * Ecological Land Use Planning,
  • * Ecological energetic Analysis of Urbanization
  • * Urban Simulation
  • * Urban Sustainability Assessment


Dr. Ming-Chang Tsai

Department of Sociology


Outstanding Research Award, National Science Council, 2000-2001, 2011-2013

  • * Social Development
  • * Globalization


Dr. Victor R.L. Shen

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering


Fellow , IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology),  2009


  • * Artificial Intelligence
  • * Digital System Design
  • * Verification of Digital Learning
  • * Petri Net Theory and Applications


Dr. Tsai, Kuen-Hung

Department of Business Administration


Outstanding Achievement Award for Technology Innovation Management, International Society of Technology Management,2009


Technology Innovation Management Research Award, International Association for the Management of Technology,2009 

  • * Marketing Research
  • * Product Innovation Management