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I would like to apply for a degree program in National Taipei University. How can I apply for it?

Apply via NTPU Online Application System . Please visit our website to verify the eligibility and the required documents. Please make sure that you have read the instructions carefully before using the Online Application System. Print the Filled Application form and mail it to the following address along with required Documents:

Admission and General Affairs Section
Office of Academic Affairs
National Taipei University
151, University Rd. ,
San Shia District,
New Taipe City,
23741 Taiwan R.O.C











If I want to apply for master’s programs, but I will not get bachelor’s degree diploma before the application deadline, what should I do?

You should ask the school to provide an official statement indicating that you will graduate from the school for sure.  You can send us the copy of your student ID along with the official statement.



There is no Taiwan representative office in my country. Where do I authenticate my documents?  

Please visit for information about Taiwan Embassies. Call the Taiwan embassy in your nearby country to check whether it is the one handling authentication for your country.







The verification process takes time, and if I really can’t make it by the application deadline, what can I do?

If you really can’t finish the verification by the application deadline, please sign the document declaration and send it along with other required documents. Once you sign the document declaration, you promise to send us the verified documents within one month after the acceptance result is posted on NTPU website. 



I am applying for a Taiwan Scholarship. Is it possible to apply for a NTPU scholarship at the same time? May I receive NTPU admission earlier to have a better chance receiving a Taiwan Scholarship?

You may apply for NTPU scholarship at the same time. If you receive both a Taiwan Scholarship and a NTPU scholarship, your NTPU scholarship will be canceled due to our guideline stated that NTPU recipients cannot receive other scholarships. There are 3 evaluating procedures for international applicants at NTPU. Once the results are finalized, we will process TW scholarship applicants' admissions as soon as possible.








If I am admitted, may I change department/institute/program before the start of the semester?

No. You have to study at the department/institute/program listed in your admission notification. You may apply to change your department after finishing the first or the second semester. However, it is not guaranteed that the application for changing program will be approved.







I am studying at another university in Taiwan. May I "transfer" to NTPU?

No. You may only apply. After admission, bring your transcript to the department for the credit deduction at the beginning of the first semester. It is not guaranteed that all your credits will be admitted.






What should I do if I am admitted but cannot report in Fall/Spring semester?

You may fill in the "Application for NTPU Admission Deferral" indicating that you wish to postpone your admission till Spring semester or Fall semester next year. NTPU permits you to defer one Semester at most.






Can I send my application by email or fax?

We only accept applications sent by post.