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General Affairs Services


A. Postal Claim Services


1.      Regular mail goes to the documents exchange cabinet in the Document Exchange Center, each unit could then send staff to receive them.

2.      Registered mails and packages would be listed on the “Postal Inquiry System” of this section’s website, please check on-line and personally pick up the posts at the Document Exchange Center.

Contact Us 886-2-8674111166290




B. Receipts for School Tuition and Fees Payment


1.      Studentsmay inquire of the sum of their tuition and fees after registration each semester.

2.      Payment Bill Print Outsystem.

3.      Students may apply for English version receipts at cashier counter:1F, Administration Building.

Contact Us 886-2-8674111166360




C. Cap and Gown Rentals Service


1.      Cap and gown rentals are for graduating class, and may only apply once per class.

2.      Please refer to the Notice of cap and gown rentals for NTPU graduating students for rental pickup time and return policies.

Contact Us 886-2-8674111166276/66278




D. Parking Permit Application Service


Students may apply for parking permitat service counter: 1F, Administration    Building.

Contact Us 886-2-8674111166299-66093




E.  Entrance Guard Admission Application Service


1.      Refer to the entrance guard control regulations for the application procedure for entering and leaving buildings during guard time.

2.      Students may apply for Entrance guard admissionat service counter: 1F, Administration Building.

Contact Us: 886-2-86741111#66299-66093