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A. National Health Insurance


Students are obliged to carry National Health Insurance (NHI) after holding ARCs for over 4 months.

Applying for insurance

Foreign students applying for insurance for the first time should submit a copy of their ARC to the Secretary of Respective Department.

Withdrawing from insurance or transferring health insurance

1. Student leaving the country immediately

2. Students who are graduating, withdrawing, or taking a leave of absence and who will not be leaving Taiwan immediately may apply to transfer insurance coverage to health facilities in their county (village, city, region) of residence.

Stopping coverage

1. Students who will be out of the country for over six months may request that the OIC stop coverage (payments will not be made during this period), and may begin coverage again when they return.

2. Students who will be out of the country for less than six months may not stop insurance coverage, and will continue to pay insurance fees.

Healthcare procedures

After foreign students receive their NHI card, present the card and ARC to the hospital or clinic. Students are responsible for registration fees and a portion of healthcare costs.

Replace or reissue of NHI card

Reason: change in ID information, card damaged, lost, or change picture
Location: Bureau of National Health Insurance/ Post Office
Fee: NT$200 and application fee.

For detailed regulations

Bureau of National Health Insurance Taipei Branch